How True to Life is 'Masters of Sex'? We Asked Book's Author Thomas Maier 


[Masters of Sex] is getting to a greater truth to what was going on. When Virginia Johnson read my book… [she] basically said ‘You know Tom, I read your book, and now that I think about it, I guess I really did love him,’ I almost fell off my chair because she had been - she would say ‘Well you know I didnt really love him,’ and she said that throughout the book. But her actions belied that. It was clear from her actions that they were both crazy about one another in their own, you know, kind of very odd, very utilitarian way. But they were mesmerized by one another, even when they were fighting. Their story, a lot of it has to do with attraction and repulsion. It’s almost like two magnets - they’re both attracted and at times if you flip them around the other way they repel each other. That was a big part of their relationship.

My favorite part is that he made DAMN SURE to include that CRUCIAL OBJECTIVE FACT in the epilogue of the book’s updated edition.


My anaconda will consider it

Virginia Johnson.  Masters of Sex S02E12 'The Revolution Will Not Be Televised'


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Anonymous said: Can you tell me if that pic of them at Paley (my fav by the way) is when a journalist yells "kiss her! Kiss her". I am positive I saw or heard that happen while they were on the red carpet. Thats why she is smiling like that and he is pretty much wrapped around her body and in her face. ;-)


Yes! That’s definitely the moment the journalists yell “kiss her!” You can kind of see/hear it in this video (around the :45 second mark).

But can we talk about the fact that ALL THE JOURNALISTS WERE YELLING AT THEM TO MAKE OUT? Can we talk about how all these professionals were witnessing some World Class Frisson and got so caught up in David and Gillian’s magical chemistry that they spontaneously turned into snoggers?! I mean… let’s think about that. LET’S THINK ABOUT THAT.




Fantastic hybrids of menswear and corsetry by Sylvain Nuffer.

The sound that came out of my mouth…